How To Bet Super Bowl 46 Between the New York Giants and New England Patriots

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The Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots will kick off Sunday night at 6:30PM Eastern Time on NBC TV.

There are several different ways to bet the Super Bowl and one of the most popular are the numerous prop bets offered.

The best place to bet the Super Bowl is at Oddsmaker sportsbook, where you can claim your $25 Free Super Bowl Bet!

The prop menu at Oddsmaker features individual player and team props. There are Super Bowl fun props that allow you to bet the coin toss, National Anthem, and the color of the liquid the winning Super Bowl coach will be drenched in to just name a few.

Players will love the opportunity to parlay Super Bowl prop bets on Sunday. The Super bowl prop menu features many betting choices which will allow you to parlay your bets. The Parlayable prop choices are too many to mention here so you have to take a look right now at Oddsmaker.

Some of the Super Bowl game props will allow you to bet on a team to score first, how many field goals each team will make and will the game go into overtime?

Individual player props are a very popular way to bet the Super Bowl. You can bet on the Super Bowl MVP. Available to bet on are individual player performances during the game. You can bet on Eli Manning’s or Tom Brady’s individual passing yardage, amount of touchdowns scored and many more options by each quarterback. Oddsmaker has covered not only the quarterback position but you can bet on individual performances by each team’s running back, tight end and wide receiver.

A popular Super Bowl prop bet available are the margin of victory odds. In this prop you have the choice from each team what you think their victory margin will be. Some people think the Giants should be favored in this game. Well if you think that the New York Giants will win by between 0-6 points your payoff is a generous +400 odds. That means for every $100 you bet your winnings are $400! If you think the Giants can win by 7-12 points you take back is +650 odds.

Don’t forget you can bet the Super Bowl at Oddsmaker quarter by quarter. If you think a certain team has an edge by quarter place a bet on them. The Super Bowl is known for those long halftime breaks. Well don’t forget to have your laptop with you and bet the numerous halftime wagers offered at Oddsmaker.

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