NFL Pro Football 2020 Bet Odds When is Jerry Jeudy Selected?

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The NFL is on track for the draft on Thursday April 23rd. They are hopeful to start the season in September as scheduled. A look at when Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy will be selected in the draft.

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The current odds at Oddsmaker, where the bonuses are the best in the business has Jerry Jeudy selected in the draft at pick 11.5. Over pick 11.5 is favored at -140 odds with the under bringing back +110 odds.

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Jerry Jeudy has been rated as the top wide receiver coming out in the draft. He is rated as the sixth best overall player. The mock draft experts have Jeudy taken as the 11th pick in the draft to the New York Jets. In the mock drafts a total of six wide receivers are expected to be selected in the first round of the 2020 draft.

Jeudy started in two of this three seasons in college. He averaged 12 touchdowns in his past two seasons and posted a career 17.2 yards per completion average. One of the strong qualities for Jeudy is his speed off the line of scrimmage. He has a good feel of opposing defenses, runs great routes and finds openings in zone coverage.

The New York Jets have many needs for their team. It is debatable that the Jets may look to build their offensive line with their first round pick and pass on Jerry Jeudy. New York has a pick in the second round which is the 48th overall. A quality offensive lineman can be found better in the second round, then finding a number one receiver in the second round. So, it does make sense for the Jets to draft a wide receiver with the 11th pick in the draft.

Las Vegas Raiders also have a need for a wide receiver. Issue is they draft right behind the New York Jets with the 12th pick. Raiders have two first round picks and none in the second round. Three picks in the third round could aid Las Vegas to move up if they really want to capture Jeudy ahead of the Jets.

If the LA Chargers are truly committed to Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback there is a chance they may look for a strong weapon in their passing game by selecting Jeudy as the sixth pick in the draft. With the Bengals likely selecting Joe Burrow with the first pick a trade for Andy Dalton is also in the mix.

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