NFL Pro Football 2020 Sports Betting Odds When is Tua Tagovailoa Selected?

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The NFL draft will go off on Thursday April 23rd. A look at the odds when Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is taken in the 2020 draft. Tua is the second rated quarterback in this draft. He did have his junior season cut short to a hip injury. That opens the door for Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert to be selected ahead of him. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is slated as the first pick in this draft to the Cincinnati Bengals.

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The current odds at Oddsmaker, where the bonuses are the best in the business has Tua Tagovailoa selected third at -160. The third pick belongs to the Detroit Lions. Matthew Stafford is under contract with the Lions and will be a cap hit until the end of the 2022 season. He is 32 years old and could be difficult to move in a trade. Lions could entertain trades moving down in the draft for more picks.

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Second in the betting is at pick five returning +170 odds. Miami has the fifth pick in the draft. They are looking for a starting quarterback after going with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen a season ago. They do have three first round picks in the draft and can fill other needs later in the draft.

Next at +400 odds is Tua taken second in the draft. The second pick goes to the Washington Redskins. With Dwayne Haskins taken in last year’s first round by Washington it is unlikely for Tua to go second in this draft. Ron Rivera was named as head coach of the Redskins for the upcoming year. Rivera is a defensive minded coach that had great units in his time with the Panthers. There is chance that Washington could trade this pick for more picks in this draft.

Longshots at +800 odds are the fourth or sixth pick. The fourth pick belongs to the New York Giants. The team drafted Daniel Jones in the first round last year and is not in the market for a quarterback. Teams looking for Tua could look to trade up to the fourth pick with the Giants. The sixth pick belongs to the LA Chargers. There is a chance that Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert could be drafted head of Tagovailoa. Chargers are in the market for a starting quarterback as the team chose to no resign Phillip Rivers.

The Field bet returns +1000 odds with any other pick. Would be a shock is Tua goes ahead of Joe Burrow in the draft. The Field be scenario would be in play should Justin Herbert and Jordon Love get drafted ahead of Tua. Love saw his numbers go down drastically in his junior campaign at Utah St where the completed 61.9% of his passes with 20 touchdowns and 17 picks, He did this competing in the Mountain West conference.

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